Packaging Unwrapped: A Journey through the Medical Device Industry with Tim Early

Owner's Corner by SYM Financial Advisors

Jan 23 2024 • 52 mins

In this episode of the Owner's Corner, host Seth Whicker welcomes Tim Early, CEO of DreamOn Group, for a deep dive into his entrepreneurial journey. Tim's story begins with a move from upstate New York to Florida, marking the start of his career in the medical device industry. His narrative is not just about career choices but also highlights his entrepreneurial spirit. Tim shares candid insights into his early attempts at starting several businesses, discussing the challenges and setbacks he faced along the way. These experiences, though not immediately successful, were instrumental in shaping his approach to business. The conversation culminates in the story of his eventual success with Network Partners, a testament to his perseverance and the valuable lessons learned from previous endeavors. This episode offers a unique perspective on the realities of entrepreneurship, illustrating how resilience and learning from failures can lead to significant achievements in the business world.

About our guest, Tim Early:

Tim Early, the CEO of DreamOn Group is known by many as the Founder and former CEO of Network Partners Group and a visionary in the life sciences industry. Tim brings with him a rich history of innovation, evidenced by his contributions to medical technology and packaging. He holds patents for advancements in laparoscopic packaging. His leadership in companies like Network Partners, Zimmer, and Johnson & Johnson has centered around building teams of passionate professionals and developing solutions that emphasize client and colleague needs. With a Master's in Packaging from RIT, Tim continues to shape the industry with forward-thinking approaches and a commitment to excellence.

Summary and highlights from the show:

• Tim Early's Early Career and Move to Florida: The episode begins with Tim recounting his move from upstate New York to Florida post-college, which marked the start of his professional journey in the medical device industry.

• Initial Steps in the Medical Device Industry: Tim shares his experience of starting his career with Cordis Corporation, a pacemaker company, illustrating how opportunities sometimes arise from unexpected places.

Educational Background and Its Influence: Tim highlights how his education influenced his career trajectory.

• Entrepreneurial Ventures and Challenges: Tim opens up about his attempts at starting several businesses, sharing the challenges and setbacks he faced, and the lessons learned from these early entrepreneurial endeavors.

• Founding of Network Packaging Partners: A significant focus of the discussion is on Tim's founding of Network Packaging Partners. He details the journey and the strategies that led to the success of this venture, offering insights into what it takes to build a successful business after previous attempts.

• Growth and Challenges of Network Packaging Partners: Tim talks about the growth of Network Packaging Partners, the hurdles of self-funding, and the journey to becoming cashflow positive.

• Selling Network Packaging Partners to Private Equity: Tim discusses the decision to sell Network Packaging Partners to private equity, the cultural changes post-sale, and his continued role in the company.

• Starting DreamOn Group: Tim concludes by sharing his current venture with DreamOn Group, focusing on the importance of adapting to new communication methods like video and building a team with complementary skills.

• Resilience and Learnings: Throughout the episode, the theme of resilience is prominent. Tim's story is a testament to the importance of persevering through career shifts and using these experiences as learning opportunities for future success.

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