RH Capital (a Rhia Venture Fund): Investing in reproductive and maternal health

Lab to Startup

Aug 9 2022 • 52 mins

Alice Zheng is a Principal at RH Capital, a venture fund investing in early-stage high-impact companies across the reproductive and maternal health landscape.

Alice holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and MD and MPH from the University of Michigan. Alice was previously a women’s health practice leader at McKinsey & company.

In this episode of lab to startup, we talk about femtech and women’s health which is gathering some momentum of late; investment thesis of RH Capital and ways they work with founders; opportunities and challenges in this space; and also try to cover some topics that can help encourage aspiring female founders and investors not yet in this space.

- https://rhiaventures.org/rhcapital/
- RH Capital, a Rhia Ventures fund, invests in early-stage high-impact companies that are driving innovation, access, and equity across the reproductive and maternal health landscape
- Femtech/Women's health
- Huge white spaces for investments into women's health
- Networking for aspiring female founders
- How other VCs can invest in this space
- Making a business case for women's health
- Areas ripe for investments
- Roe v Wade: How innovation ecosystem can help the consequences
- Hot off the press article written by Alice in HBS healthcare blog: https://www.hbs.edu/healthcare/blog/post/doubling-down-on-womens-health-innovation-and-leveraging-the-private-sector-in-a-post-roe-v-wade-era
-- A few articles Alice co-authored while at McKinsey on women's health needs and innovation trends: