Revolutionizing organ preservation and transplantation by mimicking antifreeze proteins of Arctic fish

Lab to Startup

Sep 6 2022 • 1 hr 17 mins

Xiaoxi Wei, Ph.D (CEO) and Mark Kline, Ph.D. (CTO) are the cofounders of X-Therma, a biotechnology startup developing a breakthrough technology for regenerative medicine and organ preservation.

In this episode of lab to startup, we talk about the challenges around  organ preservation and transplantation; and how a technology they developed at Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory is being used to increase the life of organs to up to a week.We will talk about the inspiration to launch the startup, unique success around raising non-dilutive funding; creating a culture, and the importance of freedom to take decisions not driven by investors; Last but not the least, we will also get into their personal life briefly, as Xaoxi and Mark are unique co-founders on that front.

Show notes
- Peptoid research originally developed for a DARPA project formed the basis for the underlying technology
- Biomimicking chemistry in nature (fishes) to overcome freezing problems
- Solid organ transplant still very inefficient due to limited amount of time to transport and transplant an organ
- Product evolution
- Determining the first product to develop, timing and timelines
- SBIR grants and VC funding
- Building the startup as an outsider (non-cryobiology experts) & role of KOLs
- Turning down term sheets
- The power of freedom while building startups by taking in the right money
- Challenges in the organ preservation space
- X-Therma assisting cell and gene therapy.
- FDA Breakthrough device status
- Culture and lessons learnt from hiring
- Being partners at work and at home
- Careers: