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Welcome to the ICON podcast hosted by Sparrow Connected. This is not just another generic podcast; this is a podcast that will challenge conventional thinking about #internalcommunications. It will force you to think differently, consider bold ideas, & step outside your comfort zone through real, unscripted insights from some of the best internal communications professionals & subject matter experts in the world. But most importantly, this #podcast will help you elevate your career and together, we’ll elevate the #internalcomms profession to the #C-suite. #podcast #strategy read less


Deskless Workforces: Navigating IC Challenges and Seizing Opportunities
Aug 31 2023
Deskless Workforces: Navigating IC Challenges and Seizing Opportunities
“Given the size of the sector, and the number of people we're trying to communicate to on a daily basis, within the healthcare field, who are not sitting at a computer, it's hard to get this group with a quick email. So, there's so much opportunity to think about how we could serve these teams in a better way. Why are we still tolerating things like intranets? Why would we think that people who are doing a job away from a desk, would be using this platform as the primary way to get their updates?”   - Jesse Cressman-Dickinson, Director of Communication and Community Engagement, Bruyère   Julie Ford engages in an insightful conversation with Jesse Cressman-Dickinson, Director of Communication and Community Engagement at Bruyère, on the critical importance of internal communication in the healthcare industry, where lives literally depend on it. Together, they explore the future of intranets, reaching the entire deskless workforce in every industry beyond Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, and what happens when internal communication is turned off.     Jesse Cressman-Dickinson: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessecressmandickinson/  Julie Ford: Julie Ford - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmford/   --   This podcast is sponsored by Sparrow Connected – the internal communications platform that is elevating the communications profession.  Learn more and book a demo - https://www.sparrowconnected.com/  Follow Sparrow Connected - https://www.linkedin.com/company/sparrow-connected/