169: Speed is King

The Way of The Wolf

Mar 26 2024 • 12 mins

Podcast Show Notes – Episode 169 | 03.26.2024

Episode Title: Speed is King in Business

Episode summary introduction:

In this episode, Sean Barnes delves into the topic of Speed vs Patience in Business. He discusses the role of communication speed, the value of patience in business development, and the risks of rapidly changing focus. The conversation also covers the significance of consistency and diligence in achieving success, balancing speed and accuracy in service delivery, and the downsides of prioritizing speed over accuracy. The episode concludes with insights on finding balance in speed, patience, and accuracy, and the role of patience in personal growth.

Key Moments

00:00 - Introduction to the topic: Speed vs Patience in Business

01:15 - Impact and importance of communication speed

04:17 - Patience in business development

05:35 - Dangers of rapidly shifting focus

06:56 - Consistency, diligence, and success

07:47 - Balancing speed and accuracy in service delivery

09:05 - Negative consequences of prioritizing speed over accuracy

10:23 - Finding balance: Speed, patience, and accuracy

11:07 - Patience in personal growth and transformation

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