Amanda Presgraves | Peeling Back the Layers of an Athlete

Raising Your Game

Mar 8 2022 • 1 hr 19 mins

Amanda Presgraves is a former competitive swimmer and a world-level teen USA triathlete. We talk about reframing negative experiences, living with ADHD, and her work in food and nutrition with her new book coming out soon entitled “The Non-Recipe Book”.

[02:53] Introducing Amanda Presgraves
[05:18] Getting into Endurance
[07:37] Life Post-Career
[10:51] Beginner’s Mindset
[18:48] Mindfulness and Being a “Multipotentialite”
[31:19] Swimming Culture Towards Men
[35:36] Exploration with Food
[41:20] Being Compassionate for Your Food
[50:54] Food is Medicine
[55:52] Growing Up With ADHD
[01:03:25] Embracing Uniqueness
[01:10:11] Gratitude and “Our Best Self Story”
[01:15:35] Amanda’s Book Recommendations
[01:17:57] Where to Find Amanda

You can reach Amanda on her Instagram and her website.

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