Illuminating You

Patricia Nelson and Bryce Korzenowski

By reaching out through talk radio we can help heal by using our skills of relaying messages needed for healing, by our fun and creative approach with you, each other, our guests and callers. The healing understanding and good feelings that you will have after listening to the show will change your life. By having topics such as The Sacred Circle Teachings, The Psychic/Medium, True and Real Healing, Coming back from the Dead, and Living as a part of Nature we can cover many answers that so many today have questions to. We welcome calls and e-mails to answer on the show because we know that one person’s question is many people’s question. We will have guest speakers to tell their personal stories of triumph over trauma.
The Sacred Circle Part 3; The 4 directions and ClansNew age Spirituality VS Traditional SpiritualityOur Spirit AnimalsHeaven and Hell Do They Exist???The Sacred Circle Part 2; The Moons of EmotionSex and Love… the true energy ofLiving as a Part of NatureThe Truth Behind our Vows and CommitmentsComing back from the DeadTotal Body HealingThe Psychic and Medium show.The Sacred CircleOur Story