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The world's leading daily morning podcast for the horse world with listeners in over 90 countries. A light, lively, entertaining look at the horse world and the people in it. The show includes entertaining conversation, out of the ordinary guests, numerous regular horse related segments, training tips, health segments, listener call ins, contests, giveaways and so much more. read less

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Horses are magnificent animals with much stamina, strength, and beauty. HORSES IN THE MORNING highlights these attributes and a range of horse-related topics. On the podcast horse owners, trainers, and competitors share their passion, tips, and insight about horses. This is the podcast version of the live radio show of the same title. The equine-themed program offers entertaining conversations about horses and horse-related topics.

HORSES IN THE MORNING debuted in 2010 as part of the Horse Radio stable of programs. The podcast gets its name from the tradition of training horses in the morning so that jockeys had adequate time to prepare for races later in the day.

Glenn "the Geek" Hebert and Jamie Jennings host HORSES IN THE MORNING. Glenn is the founder of Horse Radio Network. His other hosting credits include Stable Scoop and the Driving Radio show. The Horse Radio Network has acquired tens of thousands of loyal listeners. Glenn is one of the pioneers of podcasting. His cohost, Jamie, is an experienced horse trainer and morning radio host. Jamie's love for horses began at an early age. Now, she's an expert in transitioning horses off the racetrack. Jamie is an avid competitor in the three-day eventing show. She also hosts the Retired Racehorse Radio podcast.

Glenn and Jamie bring their experience and passion for horses to the show. The hosts discuss and interview interesting guests, including veterinarians and horse experts. HORSES IN THE MORNING has a lively call-in segment. Other regular elements of the show include Sidelines, Endurance, and Sidesaddle. Listeners are also offered the opportunity to take part in contests and giveaways. This podcast is a fun listen for equine fans of all ages.

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Homesteading, Mounted Archery and Realli bAd Adz for July 5, 2024 by Kentucky Performance Products
Jul 5 2024
Homesteading, Mounted Archery and Realli bAd Adz for July 5, 2024 by Kentucky Performance Products
Homesteader Angela Fanning joins us with some pointers on making your horse farm more of a homestead.  Elizabeth Gonzalez Tinnan, world record mounted archer of 15 years gives us some advice on getting started in this fun discipline.  Plus, Lisa meets William Shatner and some Really Bad Adz.  Listen in…HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 3469  – Show Notes and Links:The HORSES IN THE MORNING Crew: Glenn the Geek:  co-host, executive in charge of comic relief, Jamie Jennings: co-host, director of wacky equestrian adventuresTitle Sponsor:  Kentucky Performance ProductsPhoto: Horse Radio NetworkGuest: Angela Fanning, Author of “The Sustainable Homestead: Create a Thriving Permaculture Ecosystem with Your Garden, Animals, and Land”Instagram | YouTube | Podcast | My Books: The Sustainable Homestead, Little Homesteader SeriesGuest: Elizabeth Gonzalez Tinnan, Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Viral VideoFollow Horse Radio Network on TwitterAdditional support for this podcast provided by EquestrianPlus, CareCredit, and Listeners Like You!Time Stamps:05:54 - Daily Whinnies07:59 - Lisa Meet William Shatner21:10 - Angela Fanning39:40 - Elizabeth Gonzalez Tinnan54:20 - Realli Bad Adz Angela’s Homemade Fly Spray4 cups apple cider vinegar1/8 cup olive oil2 tablespoons dish soap20 drops rosemary essential oil20 drops peppermint essential oil20 drops lavender essential oilMix it all...
Galloping Getaways: Non-Riding Equestrian Retreats, Trip to Portugal for June 25, 2024
Jun 27 2024
Galloping Getaways: Non-Riding Equestrian Retreats, Trip to Portugal for June 25, 2024
Galloping Getaways: This month it is all about non-riding equestrian retreats. Spending time in the presence of horses, focusing on meditation, journaling, and our overall well-being. Jen Verharen chats about her Cadence Coaching Wellness Retreat, a unique non-riding equestrian retreat in Portugal. Listen in.... HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 3460 - Show Notes & Links:Hosts: Meghan Brady and Jennifer Hopton of the Equestrian Travel AssociationPresenting Sponsor: Equestrian Travel AssociationGuest: Jen Verharen, Cadence Coaching Wellness Retreat for Equestrians at the Wild View Retreat in southern Portugal in May 2025.Summary: In this podcast episode, Meghan and Jennifer explore the world of non-riding equestrian retreats, where horse enthusiasts can connect with these majestic animals in unique ways. We delve into the serene and transformative experiences offered by these retreats, such as equine therapy, grooming and bonding sessions, journaling, and guided meditations in the presence of horses. Meghan and Jennifer's special guest for this week's episode is Jen Verharen. Jen will be sharing details on her upcoming Cadence Coaching Wellness Retreat in southern Portugal. This is an all inclusive, seven day experience spent at one of the most beautiful retreat centers in all of Europe!Tune in to this episode to uncover the therapeutic benefits and deep connections that can be formed through non-riding equestrian retreats.Recipe:PASTEL DE NATA (PORTUGUESE EGG TARTS)Ingredients:2 frozen puff pastry sheets let sit at room temperature until soft5 cup heavy cream5 cup sugar4 large egg yolks (approximately 60 gr)2 Tbsp corn starch2 cups whole milkDirections: Use a cookie cutter or any cups that have about 3.5-inch diameter to cut out about 18 circles from the puff pastry sheets. Mold them over aluminum muffin cups. Place in the freezer.Put all ingredients for egg custard filling in a mixing bowl. Whisk until smooth. Prepare a water bath that you can put your saucepan in later. Transfer this to a medium saucepan over low heat and use a rubber spatula to keep stirring until the mixture starts to coat the spatula thinly. Remove from the heat and transfer the saucepan to a water bath to cool it down quickly.Preheat oven to 485 F (Yes, pretty high temp!). Remove the pastry from the freezer and place it on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Pour the egg custard mixture until about 3/4 full in each shell.Place them in the oven, bake for 30 minutes. Rotate every 10 minutes for even browning. Toward the end of cooking, custard will start to bubble and blister.Remove from the oven. Let it cool for about 1 minute and then unmold the tarts to a wire rack to let them cool down. They’ll turn soggy if they sit in the muffin cups for too long. The top will sink a little bit and this is normal. Serve while warm if possible. You can store tarts in the fridge and reheat them in the oven at 400F for about 10 minutes.