Faces of Fortitude w/Etan Best (Part 2)

Faces of Fortitude: Behind the Lens

Oct 8 2020 • 59 mins

This is my SECOND virtual Faces of Fortitude session, and I am so happy to welcome my friend and now official Face in the project, he is an educator, artist and survivor - Etan Best (he/him). He was one of the very first people, almost 3 years ago, to email me to apply to be in the project. Over the years we have become dear friends, so in this episode

Part 2 - is Etan's official Faces of Fortitude session where we talk about his suicidal ideation, and his stay in the hospital after an ideation got too close to an attempt. Its a vulnerable and fascinating discussion. Thank you all in advance for holding a space for him and our candid discussion.