Making Content To Get To Listen with Antonio T. Smith, Jr

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Mar 23 2022 • 1 hr 35 mins

Making Content to Get People to Listen

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Mission Statement

- 3 areas we’re focusing on this week

- A. Getting people to listen to you

- B. Listening to people

- C. Developing what you listen to

Vision Statement

- Every time you sell someone, they must be:

- Greeted with love

- Invited to be family

- Made comfortable

- Shown the way

  • Only the person that gave birth to the baby has the mother instinct

Business Plan

  • If your business has no disciples plus those disciples aren’t evangelizing plus those who are evangelized to aren’t becoming disciples plus those disciples aren’t making other disciples, you don’t have a business.
  • Disciple - someone who duplicates the behaviors and products of the organization or teacher
  • You can’t be a disciple without fruit
  • If your teachings aren’t clear, you can’t have disciples
  • You’re out of the middle class when you have $10 million
  • The equivalent of $10 million is $10,000/month after all expenses are paid that have nothing to do with your effort.

  • How do automate the process of people following us or automate people themselves?
  • How do we automate our work and effort and how do we automate acquisition?

How to Automate

  1. Use sales funnels - an automated sales process that takes a prospect from next best move to next best move in your organization
  • Ex: Video games have figured out how to funnel you into enjoying the game; they call them tutorials and put a story line to it
  • You can’t automate something that doesn’t already have an algorithm (a set of instructions)

  • Antonio has copied the processes of Verizon, Chick-fil-A, and McDonald’s
  • Verizon keeps the best technology
  • McDonald’s focuses on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sale immediately
  • The goal is to walk people to your back end product
  • Antonio has been working on a book that comes with a movie, a 365-day journal with transformational exercises, a 12-week ascension program, and a podcast

Final Thoughts

  • How do you tear up your business and fix it everyday at the same time
  • How do you become a slave every second while being free every second
  • How do you convince people you’re doing it without them knowing you’ve done it
  • If you don’t have someone selling or marketing your business without you, you don’t have a business

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