Love, Loss & Life: Real Stories from the AIDS Pandemic: Barbara von Barsewisch

Love, Loss & Life: Real Stories From The AIDS Pandemic

Nov 28 2023 • 14 mins

Barbara von Barsewisch trained as a nurse in London in the early 1990s and worked on Broderip Ward, the HIV ward at the Middlesex Hospital, for ten years. She went on to work at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in the Kobler Day Care Unit, where she developed an expertise in caring for patients with AIDS-related cancers, especially lymphomas. Caring for patients with AIDS in the 1990s was a nursing experience unlike any other. It was a time when the rule book went out of the window and some extraordinary and moving interactions between nursing staff and patients helped to ease the passing of many of the people in Barbara’s care.

This podcast series features stories taken from our first book, a collection of essays, reflections, and testimonies also entitled ‘Love, Loss & Life’ which you can buy here.

An audiobook is also available here.

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