Elizabeth Souder - "Finding your voice; speak up!"

Jump 180 - Inspiring stories of ordinary people who have made a drastic jump in their careers and life

Jul 20 2020 • 50 mins

In this episode, you will hear from an attorney turned corporate special projects leader, turned change management expert and how she found her voice by expressing what she needed in order to be successful.

Hear how fear can be your greatest nemesis and courage can get you out of a bad relationship with your employer.  Everyone is going through change right now but be encouraged that it is a journey for all of you.  You are not alone.  Your story is valuable, you just need to share it!

Elizabeth Souder has over twenty years of experience and stories to tell as a transactional attorney and program director at a multinational telecommunications company and Am Law 100 law firm. Her experience negotiating, counseling, experiencing and witnessing organizations and business relationships rise and fall over foreseeable actions and outcomes led her to jump 180 from employee to entrepreneur, from lawyer to business owner, from traditional rule follower to new vision creator. Her company, What’s Next Biz, helps organizations and individuals assess the health of their businesses and careers as they prepare for change.