Shawn Kinkade - Finding what you're good at; how a long career professional found his passion

Jump 180 - Inspiring stories of ordinary people who have made a drastic jump in their careers and life

Jul 17 2020 • 45 mins

Hear from someone who had a long running career in corporate consulting and how after 15 years, made the jump without a parachute into entrepreneurship.  This is a story of courage, determination, reflection, and trying different ideas to help find his passion.

Shawn Kinkade is a full time certified Professional Business Coach, Strategic Advisor and the President of Aspire, a business strategy, consulting and coaching company founded in Leawood Kansas in 2007.  He works with entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for traction and momentum in their business and are ready to take things to the next level.

Shawn’s experience is a mix of Management Consulting (Accenture and as an independent) and as a Corporate Executive (at Sprint PCS), both roles required extensive work on developing and fixing business processes, making people productive, instilling leadership and coaching success with a dedicated focus on solving business problems.

For the past 13 years, Shawn has been working as a coach and strategic advisor, helping his clients reach (and exceed) their business goals. Using an entrepreneurial focus along with his corporate background and experiences, clients get a unique perspective and powerful insights into their challenges and solutions which ultimately helps them to work less and make more.