The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unedited)

Evergreen Podcasts

As part of her mission to end the collaboration chaos ruining recruitment, author, speaker & facilitator Katrina Collier, brings you The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unlimited). HR, talent acquisition & hiring managers, hear directly from exceptional hiring leaders who choose to partner with recruiters for the greater good of the business. And hear from experts who can help you create the partnership you need to hire successfully in this candidate driven market. Be inspired to create a recruitment experience that works for all!
Ep. 21: Lee Andrese - Rejected Candidates Matter MostEp. 20: Suzanne Lucas - The Great January ExodusEp. 19: Girish Jain & Josh Goldstien - Hiring The People You Really WantEp. 18: David Allen Moss - Evergreen Is Not On Mute!Ep. 17: Steve Norman - It's All About The Stand-Up!Ep. 16: Bennett Sung - Unlocking The Interview EnigmaEp. 15: Adam Gibson - Hiring For Workforce PlanningEp. 14: Sukhvinder Pabial - The Joy Of Hiring Without A CVEp. 13: Sara Burgess - Insights: Managing DisappointmentEp. 12: Tracey Parsons: Don't Make Me Write It Down!Ep. 11: Zuzanna Santos - The Secret SauceEp. 10: Roderick Lambert - Insights: Power ListeningEp. 9: Ch'ien Chan - Challenging The Status QuoEp. 8: Anna Boyarkina - The Honour In HiringEp. 7: Iris Kroonstuiver - Balancing Inner Gender RolesEp. 6: Kay Epps - Shared ResponsibilityEp. 5: Joshua Hoffman - Integrity And No A*holesEp. 4: Suzanne Wolko - Mind The Gap BiasEp. 3: Peter B Nichol - Hire For Learning IntelligenceEp. 2: Jennifer Zaborowski - Wide-Angled vs. Laser Focused