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Bonjour! Welcome to the Urban Parle' Podcast. If you are 30 and over, I’m sure you would agree that on some days, “adulting” is simply overrated! We get so bogged down with tackling our day to day responsibilities that we find ourselves simply living for the weekend. Do you ever think to yourself “this is NOT exactly the life I dreamed I would have when I was in my twenties?” And how can I become the version of myself I always wanted to be, before it’s too late? If you can relate to any of these emotions, then the Urban Parle’ Podcast will be your favorite place to vibe with your new tribe because it is time to move your life forward! One thing I know for sure is that success cannot be achieved alone. You need community and the support of like-minded individuals to keep you inspired, motivated and focused on achieving your goals which is why I created the Urban Parle’ Podcast. As a Motivational Speaker, Author, Performing Artist and Personal Development Coach, I am passionate about creating the space for grown folk to engage in conversation that is not only entertaining but intellectually stimulating. Every Thursday I will release a new episode where we will unpack and explore a variety of HOT topics such as relationships, the unique challenges of parenting in the 21st century, financial freedom, pursuing our passion, spirituality, sexuality and so much more! I will share some of the wisdom I’ve gained on my journey thus far, and also some insightful conversations with special guests, from every day people, to successful multi-talented artists and professionals. Subscribe today and get ready to have some adult fun, with content that is refreshing, and leaves you feeling ready to take on the world! To learn more about Sandra Dubose visit: For Booking Inquiries Email: Podcast Credits: The Urban Parle' opening song was written and performed by Sandra Dubose. Music composed and performed by Carolyn Colquitt. Stay connected with me socially: @ BaldBeautyQueen on Instagram and Twitter. Follow me on Facebook: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: To support the production of this podcast, donations can be made via Cash App to $UrbanParlePodcast or via Paypal at read less

Heart to Heart; An intimate interview with the NC Poet Laureate, Jaki Shelton Green
Apr 8 2021
Heart to Heart; An intimate interview with the NC Poet Laureate, Jaki Shelton Green
April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate, who better to have as a guest on the Urban Parle' Podcast, than the North Carolina Poet Laureate, Jaki Shelton Green. Mrs. Green has made history by becoming the 1st African American to be appointed in North Carolina. With an incredibly impressive career spanning over 40 years of literary genius, she has made a global impact traveling around the world and teaching others how to express their writer's voice through the art of poetry. In this special episode, I got to digitally sit at the feet of Mrs. Jaki and glean from her wisdom. She shared some real life lessons about how she created the balance of pursuing her passion for writing while taking care of her children as a single mother. For anyone going through the stages of grief, this is a heart to heart conversation you really need to hear. Jaki generously shares the depth of her grief experience as a mother losing her beloved daughter, Imani Shelton Green in June of 2009 to a rare form of Cancer. Years later, she wrote a powerful book in her daughter's honor entitled, "I Want to Undie You." Get some advice and perspective on how to move through the grief process by allowing yourself to simply go through it knowing that one day you will get to the other side. To learn more about the work of Jaki Shelton Green: www.JakiSheltonGreen.comInstagram @greenjaki purchase the book, "I Want to Undie You," visit: