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When Neighborhood Shops Go Online
Jan 28 2021
When Neighborhood Shops Go Online
"Talk about flipping somebody's world upside down and just shaking them, because that's exactly what happened … And once you flip it and you go online, you have to kind of learn how to, to interact with people completely differently." - Ethaniel SinclairThe retail market has changed drastically. From online retail stores to virtual personal shoppers, consumers can purchase products without ever having to leave their home. But how has the move to a virtual environment changed the way consumers interact with sellers? Can customers and sellers achieve the same kind of human interaction remotely?In this episode of Remote Space, Doug chats with Ethaniel Sinclair, a retail store specialist with over 16 years of experience. In the last 5 years, Ethaniel has worked at the Microsoft store in Washington, D.C. and has recently experienced the quick move to a full virtual space. By focusing on the different ways people are communicating their needs and emotions remotely, Ethaniel shares with us his experience in developing new skills to better understand his customers. He also shares with us Microsoft’s introduction of a personal shopping appointment to help bring the in-store experience into your home.  Resources:LinkedIn: Ethaniel Sinclair | LinkedInArticle: Emergency plan has Microsoft store employees helping people in new waysArticle: Personal online shopping appointments with Microsoft Store associates Hosted on Acast. See for more information.