The Process of Publishing and Marketing a Book with Children’s Author Joe Garrick

Digital Madvertising

Oct 1 2021 • 34 mins

Joe Garrick enjoyed creating unique stories as a child, so when the pandemic halted the world, he found passion and purpose in writing children’s books. He is the author of two published children’s books, Whose Hoof is That? and Billy the Dentist. He is the Director of Business Development for Digital Ignite, a digital advertising agency.

Joe graduated from Appalachian State University and started a career in logistics and data analytics, working for Coyote Logistics, Medledge, and Bardavon Health Innovations. His third book, The Best Bagel Book, will release Fall 2021.

In this episode…

What are the steps to successfully market a children’s book? How can an author find resources to promote and complete their work successfully?

Joe Garrick is the self-published author of Whose Hoof is That? and Billy The Dentist and knows the trials of self-publishing — and the steps to succeed. He digs from his marketing and consulting past to advertise his works. Joe found success using proven sales tactics, utilizing a knowledgable team, and making memorable connections to promote his books.

In this episode of Digital Madvertising, Chris Clark is joined by children’s author Joe Garrick to talk about what it takes to create and publish a book. Together, they discuss why communication and networking are key, the importance of utilizing marketing and advertising tools, and how to overcome obstacles in the publishing world.