The Art of Collaboration Through Community with Karen Thrower of Kharis Connect

Digital Madvertising

Oct 12 2021 • 42 mins

Karen Thrower is the Founder and CEO of Kharis Connect, a mobile app that connects black-owned businesses with consumers. Through her app, a business has the space and resources to encourage collaboration among the community.

Karen ignited her passion and drive for connecting her community while working for Noisette, a special events company. At Noisette, she sharpened the analytical and organizational skills that would provide her with the tools to build Kharis Connect.

In this episode…

How do you empower a brand? Is your business aligned and understanding of consumers? Do you want to take the leap, step out into the light, and grow and scale your business?

Karen Thrower knows the value and efficacy of building your brand’s influence and culture by aligning it in the eyes of the consumers. She believes in being and doing better. Karen has poured her passion into creating a framework for black-owned businesses to advertise, connect, and scale their brands through a single digital platform. Are you ready to move forward?

In this episode of Digital Madvertising, Chris Clark talks with Karen Thrower, Founder and CEO of Kharis Connect, about the power of connecting and growing the black-owned business community. Karen shares the inspiring story of scaling her consulting agency, how to remove barriers, and how she is supporting and developing black-owned businesses through advertising.