Moving Through Grief After Miscarriage: Alison Pena

Spotlight on Single Motherhood

Aug 18 2020 • 25 mins

The pain of unexpectedly losing an unborn child is unimaginable.

For women and parents who’ve experienced a miscarriage, navigating their feelings and lives through this can a be journey that they have no road map on.

In this episode, our guest Alison Pena joins us and shares her valuable insight on the subject. She is also known as “bad widow”. She’s a speaker, consultant, and an author who resides in New York City. When her husband suffered from cancer, she became his caregiver. In 2016, after 11 months of battling his illness, he passed away. Since then, she’s learned how to live fearlessly in the face of death.

Alison does consulting work with her clients. She helps women regain their innate resilience by supporting them to re-engage, reinvent themselves, and to rebuild their communities. Appointments can be made through her website - badwidow.com.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The first step in dealing with grief
  • Going back to work after the loss of a loved one
  • How parents can heal after a miscarriage
  • Handling overwhelming feelings of pain
  • Healthy self-care and self-expression
  • How to let your emotions out of your body
  • The importance of seeing a counsellor
  • Self-blame and shame experienced by mothers
  • The value of writing down through and feelings
  • The danger of brushing feelings under the carpet
  • Self-isolation and hiding during this period
  • How to start openly talking about your pain
  • How to reclaim your purpose and rebuild your life again
  • Her advice to parents experiencing loss

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