Postpartum Anxiety: Dr. Courtney Amerin & Katie Danielson from The PUSH Revolution

Spotlight on Single Motherhood

Jun 9 2020 • 27 mins

Postpartum anxiety is gaining more awareness as we are now more open to discussing mental health issues. But what exactly is postpartum anxiety? How can you prepare in case it happens to you?

In this episode, Dr. Courtney Amerin DO and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Katie Danielson, founders of The Push Revolution joins us to shed light about postpartum anxiety and how getting much-needed support can help you get through the tough times.

We talk about the risk factors of getting postpartum anxiety, how postpartum anxiety may look like, the role of proper nutrition and rest, and most importantly we talk about how you can get yourself, your partner, and your support circle ready.

The Push Revolution provides expert advice and evidence-based information to empower parents in achieving understanding, support, and health in the postpartum period. they offer free resources that are really helpful as you prepare for your postpartum journey. You can download the resources here.

Remember to give yourself grace and that it’s okay to not be okay.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Anxiety in new moms and a repeat moms
  • When postpartum anxiety normally presents itself
  • The biggest risk factors for anxiety
  • The best way to prepare and how to prevent postpartum anxiety
  • The importance of conversations and creating your circles BEFORE giving birth
  • Postpartum anxiety in fathers
  • Where do scary thoughts come from and when you should reach out
  • How are mood disorders cured
  • Diet for improving mood disorders
  • Setting small goals and giving yourself grace

Resources Mentioned:

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