A Father's Perspective of Infertility: Stuart MacIntyre

Spotlight on Single Motherhood

Aug 4 2020 • 37 mins

Infertility is something that isn’t really talked about. As a result, parents going through it aren’t educated enough to understand that this is something that a lot of people go through and that there are a lot of options available for them out there.

In this episode, our guest, Stuart Macintyre shares his perspective as a spouse and a father with regards to infertility. Stu and I talk about the ups and downs of the fertility journey that he and his wife went through.

We also tackle the different kinds of treatments they tried, why getting into government funding waitlist can significantly reduce the cost of treatments, and why you need to open up to others about what you’re going through since you never know who’s gone through it.

He and his wife Courtney are now proud parents of a baby boy who was born a few months ago.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Stu and Courtney’s first steps in discovering fertility issues
  • How high school Sex Ed makes fertility seem easy
  • The waiting period for sperm testing
  • The importance of having a support system
  • Lifestyle advice given by health professionals
  • Different kinds of fertility treatments available
  • Years frozen embryos can be kept in storage
  • How long till you can try again after a miscarriage
  • Seeing the positive light of a miscarriage
  • Total costs of fertility treatments Courtney and Stu took
  • Why age does not matter with infertility
  • The upsides of sharing fertility issues with family and friends
  • How long it took for Courtney to successfully conceive
  • Why support groups for essential for those who don’t have a strong network
  • The expectation for a man to “keep it together”
  • Other ways to support your partner during this time
  • Stu’s advice for other parents going through infertility

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