Food Deserts - why you must understand what they are and what we can do about them to help others

Mojo: The Meaning of Life & Business

Nov 23 2021 • 28 mins

According to the dictionary, a "food desert" is defined as an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food.  There is a statistic that about 23.5 million people live in food deserts. Nearly half of them are also low-income. Approximately 2.3 million people (2.2% of all US households) live in low-income, rural areas that are more than 10 miles from a supermarket.  This begs the question therefore, what are we going to do about these people that don't have access to affordable or good-quality fresh food?

This is exactly what my guest, Juan Lacey, is trying to do.  Juan is working with his partners to open up 40 centers with vertical farms to help these people have access to food, year-round, in a way that will boost Black farmers and low-income communities.

About Juan: After an extensive working career in the Information Management Industry while working for large banks, non-profits, and government contractors, during the last twenty years Juan has moved into entrepreneurship where he was the owner of an office cleaning service franchise while completing an extensive study to move into the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry that is ready to be launched. During his working career, he earned his MBA and has taught for the University of Phoenix, Sojourner-Douglass College, and American University.

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