On Trusting Our Inner Voice with Val Steinmann

Disruptions With Purpose

Mar 29 2021 • 45 mins

We speak with regenerative farmer, Val Steinmann who owns and operates Heartwood Farm and Cidery with her husband Brent and her three adult children. This is a conversation about Val’s journey to developing a deep and reverential co-creative relationship with a small piece of land. Words cannot really describe this place. Its more than a farm and a cider house. It’s a feeling. It’s a deep connection to something more than ourselves, it’s the animals the land and the mutual integral relationship that exists among all of it.   If you ever have the gift of visiting, You’ll often be greeted by baby Kuni-Kuni piglets, large and friendly Clydesdale horses, a herd of cows, and a flock of free-roaming chickens. And at some point, you may find yourself with a glass of their apple cider in your hand.  You’ve arrived.  Our conversation explores so many things.  How Val’s desire for a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible is a driving force for her to imagine a different way of being in a relationship with herself and her land.

We explore risk-taking, looking fear in the eye and using it to bring our best selves into the world so the thriving can begin.  It’s a conversation about reciprocity, distributed wisdom, and the value of community in supporting us as we take bold actions. We talk about the importance of trusting our own inner voice and not waiting for permission to bring the things that give us joy and energy to the world. And bravely asking ourselves, what is our inner song to sing?  We explore the beautiful intricacies of natural cycles and looking deep both into nature and into ourselves to find them. In the end, it’s a conversation about recognizing that what gives us joy, what lights us up, actually might be the very thing that is the most trusted guidance.

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Heartwood Farm and Cidery is a regenerative farm with fresh air, good soil, healthy plants and animals, and a lively kitchen table. You're invited to the conversation.