On Possibility & Belonging with Mary Kate Craig

Disruptions With Purpose

Mar 15 2021 • 28 mins

In today’s episode, we speak with entrepreneur,  community convener,  PhD candidate, and social change leader Mary Kate Craig.  We dive into a really fascinating conversation about how holding possibility as a purpose has so much power in shaping our lives.  We explore the role fear has in guiding us closer to our deep knowing, about how the death of a parent was a catalyst to start to reimagine what life could look like and asking ‘is this what I want for my life?’. We explore the importance of community which isn't just about infrastructure and geography but about how holding possibility at the forefront has created a deep sense of belonging and a sense of home for many people in a small community in Southern Ontario.  It’s a powerful conversation and it’s everything you’d expect from a person who sees possibility as a way of life.

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