217. Revisiting Breaks And Days Off. Words I Wish I Had Not Written.

The Anxious Morning

Dec 8 2022 • 5 mins

When I wrote “No breaks, no days off”, I was speaking directly to the critical need to break the avoidance cycle. The words I chose seem harsh and absolute in nature. If you read them literally - and why wouldn’t you - you would think that you must never take a break or a day off in recovery. You might decide that your job is to be recovering 24/7 without stopping. If you’ve read those words and come to this conclusion, or wondered why on Earth I would write that or say that … I’m sorry. Really. That was a really bad choice of words on my part. If I could magically a do a find and replace on the tends of thousands of copies of those books that are out in the world, I would totally do that. I would change those phrases today...

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