Path to Authenticity: Finding Alignment in the Four Worlds of Yourself

Showing Up Whole

Sep 16 2023 • 32 mins

Ready to supercharge your spiritual connection in 2023? The fourth season of Showing Up Whole is here to do just that, with an exploration into the profound concept of the four worlds of yourself. We're focusing on the destination less, and placing more emphasis on the journey by immersing ourselves in the frequency of feelings. By embodying these feelings and projecting them to the universe, we are attracting experiences that serve to magnify them.

But don't get too lost in the clouds, we're also grounding ourselves in the physical world. Our bodies, nervous systems, stability, and a sense of safety - they all play a critical role in nurturing our spiritual selves.
In a world gripped by fear, harnessing the tools to regulate our nervous systems is paramount to creating a sense of groundedness and empowerment. So, let's get aligned in the physical world, because without it, manifestation and intuition can become quite the challenge.

In this episode Christina discusses how energy alignment through the four worlds of yourself gives space for the uplevel and growth being experienced right now. We're becoming lighthouses, our light serving as a beacon to attract the right people, (rather than lifeboats, meaning you get spread too thin).
As we approach the end of the year, the aim is to feel whole through awareness of the alignment of your four worlds, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, so you can take stock of where you are out alignment and then put the tools in place to help you step into your best self before year end!

Christina Fletcher is a Spiritual Alignment coach, energy worker, author, speaker and host of the podcast Showing Up Whole.
She specialises in practical spirituality and integrating inner work with outer living, so you can get self development off of the hobby shelf and integrated as a powerful fuel to your life.

Through mindset, spiritual connection, intuitive guidance, manifestation, and mindfulness techniques Christina helps her clients overcome overwhelm and shame to find a place of flow, ease, and deep heart-centered connection.
Christina has been a spiritual alignment coach, healer and spiritually aware parent coach for 7 years and trained in Therapeutic Touch 8 years ago. She is also a meditation teacher and speaker. She has also studied Homeopathy, Quantum Healing, NLP as well as majored in Religious Studies at the University of Manitoba in Canada.
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