Why are UFO‘s Top Secret?

Bob Bria

Why are UFO‘s Top Secret? Besides conspiracy theories, there are many real-time events and discoveries that make you wonder if we are really alone in the universe. We discuss things like: How the post-WWII landscape shaped modern scientific thought on UFO‘s, which lead to the formation of the CIA, NSA and US Air Force. This includes current events and late breaking accounts that relate to UFO‘s of the past and present. Simply put, we are after the truth! (But can you handle the truth?!) Come on in! read less

Our Editor's Take

The podcast Why are UFO's Top Secret? seeks to educate its audience about a complex topic. Most knowledge about aliens on Earth comes from rumors and witness accounts. There is no substantiated information, like explicit videos or pictures. There are no lab reports of extraterrestrial autopsies. The public has no access to flying objects to examine for advanced technology. However, the hosts of the podcast believe that such evidence does exist. It is not available to the public because of matters of national security. They say the US releases constant propaganda to conceal this topic. Therefore, the podcast hosts have to work with what they have, which is the sightings made by pilots.

The hosts of Why are UFO's Top Secret? have the same first name. The first Bob refers to himself as a regular person. He doesn't have a deep understanding of UFOs other than what is common knowledge. He does find the subject fascinating. The other Bob (Bria) refers to himself as an expert. He's been studying the possibility that aliens exist for decades. He read his first book about extraterrestrial encounters in the 1970s and couldn't stop reading since. He now owns over 400 books that detail people's accounts and hidden proof. Bria traveled all around the country in search of answers. He states that nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman was a sort of mentor to him. They both hold a strong opinion that if wartime pilots claim they saw aliens, there must be truth to that.

In Why are UFO's Top Secret? the two Bobs explore the evidence available about aliens. They go back in time and investigate anything from the Roswell incident to an encounter in Rendlesham Forest in England in the 1980s. They review testimonials from military pilots and discuss the Space Force. There are also discussions about why the government would want to hide all of this. UFO fans may appreciate the detail here.

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