Bible Verse of the Day | John 1:6 - A verse about John being sent by God

Bible Verse of the Day: Scripture quotes to inspire your faith in God today.

Dec 29 2022 • 1 min

Welcome to Bible verse of the day. I am Reverend Joseph Sanford and we are well into the Christmas season. We’re going to continue today with John chapter 1 verse six as we tell the story of the light there was a man sent from God whose name was John the seems like almost a throwaway line doesn’t it just kind of set. The scene just tells her something that we already know for any of us who have spent any time in the church we know John the second cousin to Jesus related somehow and baptize people you might known as John the Baptist as we’ve talked about already in this versus of advent in Christmas. John is every bit as much. A part of the story is Jesus‘s house God, Joseph, or Mary or Zachariah or Elizabeth John is an important piece. He sets the stage he has sent from God. He was intended. He has a purpose. We hear his story we hear his testimony, we understand who he was because it helps us understand who we are called to be because all of us who have received the good news are sent from God to the world around us.

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