Heroes V Villains: Week 8

Australian Survivor Talking Tribal

Mar 20 2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

From kings to pawns, there aren’t many left on the board now.

Nina and Gerry emerge from isolation with a solid bond and tales of trust that has been tarnished, but how long does that last?

And how tense was that first Tribal Council? Poor Simon. As he said, he tried to ride the lightning but got struck down. You won’t want to miss his chat with Khanh about his time in Samoa, cookie idols and George’s hat. Listen to the full conversation, exclusively here on Australian Survivor: Talking Tribal - The Podcast.

Our top team talk about pathways to the final two, and ponder whether mentorship does get you to the end. Is there really a difference between a mentor and a pawn?

PLUS we have a special guest! Australian Survivor alumni Nick Iadanza pops in to chat all things jury and final tribal council.

Don’t forget to watch eps 21 and 22 before listening to this – https://10play.com.au/australian-survivor

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