Heroes V Villains: Week 7

Australian Survivor Talking Tribal

Mar 13 2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

There’s only one word to describe Week 7 of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains – epic!

As the numbers slowly dwindle, enemies turn to assets, spar turns to spa, and tensions rise as insecurities around loyalties start to show.

Gerry is hopping mad after his challenge tactic backfires, but not as mad as Hayley who – as proof that no one is invincible – is spectacularly snubbed and snuffed out at Tribal Council.

Hear Queen Hayley tell King Khanh all about it in the week’s right royal chat – in full, only here on Australian Survivor Talking Tribal – The Podcast.

While In Shannon’s World Of Survivor – is being in two alliances is a good move or just a risky juggling act?

Make sure you’ve seen this week’s eps before listening to this so it all makes sense – https://10play.com.au/australian-survivor

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