Heroes V Villains: Week 3

Australian Survivor Talking Tribal

Feb 14 2023 • 57 mins

Week 3 and things are heating up. Scheming, shenanigans and tribe swaps. Oh my!

Gerry is welcomed into the spice girls but it’s not enough to make him stay.

Which tribe won the stacked meat tray?

And how was that Tribal Council!

Spilling the beans (without the rice) on all the subterfuge and mudslinging is of course our trio of top tacticians – Shannon, Khanh and Brooke. They look at the emotional and physical impact of this stage of the game, and Khanh talks to one of the latest to be sent home.

PLUS – hear our experts discuss who they think is safe and who’s not in both tribes, exclusively here on Australian Survivor Talking Tribal – The Podcast.

Make sure you’ve seen this week’s eps before listening to this. Catch up on 10 Play - https://10play.com.au/australian-survivor

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