Heroes V Villains: Week 1

Australian Survivor Talking Tribal

Feb 1 2023 • 53 mins

Well, what a first week that was. Talk about getting straight into it.

Brooke, Khanh and Shannon leave no stone unturned, and no stick unstuck, as they deep dive into the events of this week.

Controversy, cookies – and more drama than you can shake a stick at. Would Macedonian Jesus have been able to keep George out of hospital?

Plus Shannon’s World of Survivor looks at tribe raids.

And we have not one, but two special guests. Former Brain Phil Ferguson pops into the treehouse for a chat, and we talk to one of the first people to get their torch snuffed out at one of the first Tribal Councils. Hear all of Khanh’s chat with Mimi, direct from London, only on Australia Survivor Talking Tribal – The Podcast.

Make sure you’ve seen the first three eps before listening to this. Go on, head over to 10 Play now, then come straight back here. The Tribe has spoken.

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