Speaking of Savings

Employee Benefit Research Institute

Speaking of Savings is a podcast from the Employee Benefit Research Institute's Financial Wellbeing Research Center. If you are dedicated to helping Americans achieve financial security through savings, then this podcast is for you. Speaking of Savings will feature interviews with savings thought leaders conducted by Lori Lucas, President and CEO of the Employee Benefit Research Institute. We'll also discuss research and interesting articles about debt and savings behavior.

Episode Six: The Little Understood Saver's Credit: A Conversation with David John, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor,  AARP Public Policy InstituteEpisode Five: The Financial Impact of the Pandemic, and the Role of Financial Education in the Financial Wellness Ecosystem: A Conversation with Billy Hensley, Ph.D., President & CEO of the National Foundation for Financial EducationEpisode Four: Understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs): A Conversation with Kevin Robertson, Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer, HSA BankEpisode Three: Being Aware of Elder Fraud, a conversation with Kathy Stokes of AARPEpisode Two: Understanding the Credit Card Debt Puzzle: A Conversation with Brianna Middlewood,Ph.D., Decision Scientist, Consumer Financial Protection BureauEpisode One: The Zigs and Zags of Emergency Savings: A Conversation with Karen Inkel, Head of Retirement Strategy, Prudential