The Box of Oddities

Kat & Jethro Gilligan Toth

Kat & Jethro Gilligan Toth bring their irreverent brand of humor and unique chemistry to an exploration of the strange, the bizarre, and the unexpected. With over thirteen million downloads since its 2018 launch, The Box of Oddities has become one of the fastest-growing comedy podcasts in the United States.

JIMMY KIMMEL, ABC-TV says, "Should you be the type who has an interest in weird stuff, this is a fun thing to allow in your head!"

“Truth is stranger than fiction, and the Box of Oddities is the strangest of all!” -SLUGGO, SIRIUS XM LITHIUM

“Kat & Jethro wring humor from bizarre, macabre and perplexing places.” -BOSTON MAGAZINE

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BOX399: A Time Fabric Light Guy
BOX399: A Time Fabric Light GuyBOX398: Weaned On A PickleBOX397: Cats And High Levels Of Radioactive WasteBOX396: Keep As Many Eyeballs As You CanBOX395: Grandpa Was A Murderous MonkeyBOX394: Exporting The VampireBOX393: Robot Frog OverlordsBOX392: A Festive, Yuletide Sasquatch With HalitosisBOX391: Drunken Clowns And Axe-Wielding FiremenBOX390: Saved By A Urine Soaked ShirtBOX389: Avoiding The Carnivorous NunBOX388: Dreadful Whisperings In My GraveBOX387: Picking Her Teeth With A RapierBox386: Valet Parking For Alien AircraftBOX385: Eating A 19th Century ShoeBOX: Cold War Era MixtapeBOX383: Rage Against The LatrineBOX382: The Sea Captain's Wife's PigBOX381: Challenged By RealityBOX380: Antique Poo And Screaming Toddlers