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Marcus, Nick, and Atrax

Marcus is a dad, Husband and a cabinet maker. Nick is in Clinical research and a Division 2 paintball player. Atrax is the BIGGEST gamer and nerd we know... Together we make up the Working Class Nerds! We’re the podcast that gives you no information about your favorite information.

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Episode 227: Holiday Traditions!
Dec 23 2023
Episode 227: Holiday Traditions!
In this episode, the hosts discuss their holiday traditions and the Steam holiday sale. They also talk about Atrax's new VR headset and the games he purchased.  The hosts also share their favorite Christmas songs and discuss Atrax's new role in the Counter-Strike Confederation Media Committee. The conversation covers topics such as Counter-Strike Confederation, Nick's Game of the Year (The Witcher 3), the immersion and engaging quests in The Witcher 3, the size and content of The Witcher 3, Atrax's challenge to beat a boss in Elden Ring, Marcus's love for Elden Ring and single-player games. The conversation covers a comparison between Sekiro and Dark Souls, the high skill ceiling of Sekiro, personal updates and experiences, a discussion about the Trattay breakfast spot, takeaways from a trip to Boston, playing God of War Ragnarok, interest in playing Dungeons and Dragons, excitement for the upcoming holiday season, a gift of Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, upcoming gaming events and streams, technical difficulties with sound bites, progress in Elden Ring, and a friend's achievements in FromSoftware games. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss their holiday traditions and favorite activities during the Christmas season. They talk about Christmas Eve parties, playing games, and enjoying winter break.  They also share their favorite comfort meals in winter and the joy of making coffee for others. The conversation then shifts to favorite comfort foods and the enticing smells of cooking. They debate the merits of making soup in a slow cooker versus on the stovetop. Finally, they briefly touch on Guild Wars 2 and its game expansion.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Sound Check06:14 Podcast Introduction and Platforms07:36 Holiday Traditions and Ugly Sweaters09:12 Steam Holiday Sale12:20 Atrax's New VR Headset and Games15:02 Marcus' Game Wishlist17:22 Guild Wars 2 Winter Sale19:44 Favorite Christmas Songs21:36 Counter-Strike Confederation Media Committee26:15 Counter-Strike Confederation and Game of the Year28:17 Nick's Game of the Year: The Witcher 329:12 The Immersion and Engaging Quests of The Witcher 331:23 The Size and Content of The Witcher 336:50 Atrax's Challenge to Beat a Boss in Elden Ring40:40 Marcus's Love for Elden Ring and Single Player Games49:33 Marcus's Pledge to Play More FromSoftware Games57:46 The Enjoyment of Playing Elden Ring and Destiny58:57 The New Exotic Mission in Destiny59:01 Steam Sales and FromSoftware Games59:19 Comparison between Sekiro and Dark Souls01:01:06 The high skill ceiling of Sekiro01:02:03 Personal updates and experiences01:04:01 Discussion about Trattay breakfast spot01:05:00 Takeaways from the Boston trip01:06:00 Playing God of War Ragnarok01:07:12 Discussion about Starfield01:08:18 Interest in playing Dungeons and Dragons01:12:26 Excitement for the upcoming holiday season01:14:36 Discussion about Critical Role01:15:36 Gift of Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen01:19:34 Upcoming gaming events and streams01:21:34 Technical difficulties with sound bites01:23:19 Discussion about Elden Ring and Destiny 201:27:56 Progress in Elden Ring01:29:07 Fun with sound bites01:29:36 Friend's achievements in FromSoftware games01:30:06 Holiday Traditions01:34:00 Christmas Eve Parties and Games01:36:08 Enjoying Winter Break01:45:14 Favorite Holiday Beers01:49:41 Getting into the Christmas Spirit01:53:52 Surprising Kids with Gifts01:57:51 Working Class Questions01:59:46 Coffee Preferences02:00:09 Favorite Coffee Shops02:01:06 Caffeine Intake02:01:46 Favorite Comfort Meals in Winter02:02:19 Love Languages and Coffee Making02:04:15 Favorite Comfort Foods02:08:07 Cooking Smells and Bacon02:09:54 Soup Making: Slow Cooker vs. Stovetop02:11:15 Gu