Miracles of Chiropractic: Turning on the Power Within

Dorrin B. Rosenfeld, DC with occasional Co-Host Robert M. Woolery, DC

This show is about how Chiropractic can help you whether or not you believe in it. This drug-free alternative to traditional medicine has the power to positively unleash the body’s own healing energy. Medical research is constantly demonstrating how Chiropractic care saves time and money compared to the Western Medicine paradigm of “mask the symptoms with drugs.”brbr You can realize that many of your conditions are fixable or can be helped. Complementary healing methods can often work together with spectacular results.brbr On the show we will talk about what “adjusting” means, the specific benefits of upper Cervical Chiropractic, several complimentary healing methods, how DC’s benefit chronic conditions, and specific neurological conditions like epileptic seizures or fibromyalgia. We will talk about this using current research, specific cases, and philosophy.
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