Low Code Development and the Future of Software Developers w/ Paul Du Bois

The Agile CTO

Aug 24 2021 • 51 mins

Software developers are a rare commodity. So, when an app needs to be built in a developer’s absence, it requires a low code or no code solution. However, low code/no code is not always the answer.

What should be done, then?

In this episode, we interview Paul Du Bois, CEO and Founder of Appenate, about the explosion of low code/no code applications and why the high need for software developers will continue.

What we discuss:

- A deep dive into low code & no code applications

- Understanding Appenate & Paul’s background

- Working within a flat structure & the agile methodology

- Moments of pride, frustration, & burnout

Check out this resource we mentioned during the podcast:

- The Score Takes Care of Itself by Bill Walsh

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