Forbes 30 Under 30 Founder on His Hybrid Workspace Startup w/ Tom Watson

The Agile CTO

Oct 26 2021 • 57 mins

Our guest today didn’t start out passionate about office space and property, but he did have a passion for solving problems by building startups.

The problem he discovered was that office space is filling wildly different roles in our lives today and that people need flexibility and choice when it comes to hybrid work. So he decided to build a platform to solve it (originally written in AngularJS, if you can believe that).

In this episode, we interview Forbes 30 Under 30 Tom Watson, Co-Founder & former CTO at Hubble and Mentor at Seedcamp, about his first startup, why he encourages founders to tinker, and his future plans.

Join us as we discuss:

- How Tom discovered a passion for the office space marketplace

- What landing the Series A was like

- His time as CTO and why he’s former CTO now

- The details of how he built what became the Hubble platform

- Why Tom would probably start a bakery before working for Google

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