The Journey into Software Testing with Clint Hill and Ross Coetzee

The Agile CTO

Apr 5 2022 • 40 mins

Clint Hill, QA Practice Lead, and Automation QA Ross Coetzee talk about the journey into testing in our latest Agile CTO podcast.

They delve into their journey towards testing. Spoiler alert! They both stumbled into it by chance.

For Ross, it was automation from day one. He loved problem-solving and programming, so a career in software development seemed natural.

He started in junior roles, interning and accepting any job to get in the industry. His goal was to learn everything he could from the people around him. He eventually moved into team lead and mentorship roles before landing in Automation QA.

Clint admits his journey to testing has been an interesting one.

He started in support roles but noticed similarities in support and testing. Today, 12 years later, he is championing quality assurance as Haefele Software’s Practice Lead.

The moral of the story?

Try as many things as possible.

Be open-minded.

Be curious.

Find what you’re naturally good at and work out where that middle ground is.

Your job is something you’ll be doing for a long time, so you’ve got to enjoy the hammer that you’re swinging.