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Recession-Spending - Why You Should Consider Increasing Your Marketing Spend When Others Dial Back
Dec 1 2022
Recession-Spending - Why You Should Consider Increasing Your Marketing Spend When Others Dial Back
With a potential recession on the way, many medical professionals are looking for ways to cut costs. However, as your competitors dial back their marketing efforts, they leave also behind marketing opportunities that you can leverage to stand out and grow your practice.In the pay-to-play world of online advertising, less spending means less visibility. As bigger competitors withdraw from the market, digital advertising will drop in price, giving smaller practices the chance to pick up valuable online real estate at a reduced cost.From online advertising to improving the patient experience at your practice, investing in your marketing campaign may be the key to maintaining growth through uncertain times. In this episode of the DrMarketingTips Show, hosts Jennifer and Corey look at ways to economize your marketing budget and edge out competitors by identifying opportunities for growth during economic instability.To hear the other half of this week’s conversation, check out episode 298 of the DrMarketingTips Show to learn strategies for recession-proofing your practice and how to cut costs without impacting your performance.Tune in to discover:Why you should expand your marketing efforts during a recessionHow to turn your competition’s cutbacks into your marketing gainsStrategies to optimize your marketing dollarsWhy increasing your budget will help retain patientsHow to identify your most effective marketing strategies