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So, you had big plans for this year, huh? Well my friend, you got 2020'd! Fortunately for you, so did everyone else including Benny, Siobhán, and Cory from the band Lost Symphony. But instead of binge watching the Tiger King, this trio decided to create a Podcast to provide a vehicle for their pent-up creativity. They called up some of their most interesting and successful friends who include recording artists, touring musicians, music industry experts, TV personalities, even a billionaire, and asked these friends to give us their take on current events as well as to share some of their wildest entertainment memories. The result? A series of no-holds-barred discussions chocked with insider information. 2020'd explores the various paths that lead their highly successful guests to their unique lifestyles and prominence in the entertainment industry. Paramount in the podcasts is a healthy serving of rock n' roll war stories that give you a peek behind-the-curtain of the entertainment industry.
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Sep 28 2020
5 mins
Roddy Chong: The 'David Lee Roth' of ViolinGene Joly: You Wanna Go Places? Work Your Ass OffGene Joly: Without The Beatles, There Would Be No Guitar CenterMyles Kennedy: The Differences in Performing with Slash and Mark TremontiMyles Kennedy: When You Get Out of Your Own Way, That's Where the Magic IsNuno Bettencourt: Music Has No Place In the Record BusinessNuno Bettencourt: We're Gonna Get CancelledJim Foster: Who Cares If You Suck As Long As You Look Cool Doing It?Jim Foster: Every Minute MattersAmit Sharma: I Hope You're F*cking Listening!Amit Sharma: I Eat Scales for BreakfastDoc Coyle: Addicted to Being WrongDoc Coyle: I Will Never Let the Music Industry Hold Me HostageJimi Bell: Writing Black Sabbath's "Master of Insanity"Jimi Bell: When I Play Guitar, I Go For the JugularSatchel: I F*cking Destroyed Ronnie James Dio in Ms. Pac-ManSatchel: We Didn't Want Lexxi Foxx to Leave Steel PantherMariko: Performing Prince Music with Madonna on National TVMariko: Bringing Classical Influence to Rock and Pop MusicMatt Bachand: The Reality of Money and Music