Get to know the Quad Cities Chamber: Ep. 1

In the QC

Mar 14 2022 • 52 mins

The QC is the heart of the Midwest, a proud, forward-thinking family of communities connected by one of the world’s most renowned rivers, the Mississippi River. The region attracts returners and explorers, investors and entrepreneurs because it offers the well-being and comforts of the accessible, the homegrown and the local, combined with an inventive imagination that embraces arts, entrepreneurship and global aspirations.

The story of what makes the QC so great must be told, and we hope you will listen. The QC Chamber is launching “In the QC,” a podcast that will dive into conversations with individuals who illustrate what makes our region so unique. Business leaders, creatives, city officials and your neighbor next door each have a story to tell that will unveil to you, to us, and to the world, why the QC is the best place to live and thrive.