Roll Mates

Gregory and Allie McMillan

Greg is an experienced DM. Allie is a novice player. What keeps their marriage together? Learning about Dungeons and Dragons together! In each episode, Allie asks Greg a question about D&D. The answers can help new players learn the game and experienced players think about it in new and interesting ways. Topics cover everything from mechanics and how-tos... all the way to pop-culture analyses and campaign reviews. Grab your sword, grab your dice, and get ready for some insightfully rambly conversation about Dungeons and Dragons.
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We Are Back!
Aug 9 2021
2 mins
Episode 12: All About Backgrounds!Episode 12: Building an Adventure (with Jim Evans!)Session 11: Loot and XP!Session 10: DowntimeSession 9 - Min/MaxingSession 8 - What Makes a Good Villain?Session 7: DM Horror StoriesWe Are Back!Session 6 - What is the best campaign and why is it Curse of Strahd?Session 5 - Lights, Camera, Actions!Session 4 - Good DMs vs Bad DMsSession 3 - Races, classes and backgrounds, oh my!Session 2 - Why the heck are there so many dice?Session 1 - What's up with alignments?Session 0 - Character introductions and campaign expectations