JobsWorth: OVERTIME- Is Minimalism For Me?


Dec 20 2023 • 25 mins

Craving a life less ordinary? Imagine a lifestyle not defined by possessions but by intention and simplicity. This promise is at the heart of our conversation with special guest Charlie Brown. Together, we break down the misconceptions surrounding minimalism and offer a fresh perspective on this intriguing lifestyle. Charlie opens up about her own minimalist journey, offering a counterpoint to societal pressures and proving that minimalism is not a privilege, but a choice.

We venture into our own experiences with minimalism, recounting the challenges and rewards of letting go and living unconventionally. From the pressures of societal norms to the joys of decluttering, we examine the essence of a minimalist lifestyle. In this episode, we'll share practical advice and personal anecdotes – a survival guide of sorts for those ready to tread the minimalist path. So, tune in as we redefine success and fulfillment, and prepare to be inspired.

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