Breaking Boundaries


Mar 6 2024 • 1 hr 24 mins

Ever wondered how a childhood passion can ignite a trailblazing career in interior design and entrepreneurship? Charlotte Debond-Sayer joined me to share her extraordinary journey from dreaming of beautifying spaces as a child to creating The Boundary, a unique Essex-based wedding and events venue. This episode unravels Charlotte's story, weaving through the transformative impact of motherhood on her career, the resilience needed to shift from employee to business owner, and the importance of setting a powerful example for her daughters.

The path to success is as much about the missteps as the milestones. Charlotte and I traverse the education and experiences that led her to interior design, reflecting on how a blend of family influence, academic choices, and a healthy dose of independence shaped her professional ambitions. We highlight the critical moments of her career, from the serendipity of landing a job where eagerness won over experience, to the pivot from redundancy to entrepreneurship—each chapter marking the contours of a life less ordinary.

As we peel back the layers of work-life balance, Charlotte illustrates how she's crafted a family vibe in her business, all while championing community ties and fostering collaborations that extend far beyond The Boundary's beautiful spaces. Her journey is a colorful tapestry of 'blinkinies' and bridal gowns, of joyous community events and the quest for personal fulfillment. Join us for an inspiring listen that offers a peek into the vibrant spirit of an entrepreneur balancing the books and bedtime stories with equal finesse.

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