JobsWorth: OVERTIME- How to Get Clearer on the Career You Want


Mar 22 2024 • 41 mins

Confused about your next career move? Let Dr. Hayley Lewis, a distinguished occupational and organisational psychologist, be your guide to unwrapping the layers of your professional aspirations. In a deep dive that transcends sectors and career stages, Hayley walks us through five transformative steps, rich with personal narratives and coaching triumphs, that will equip you to carve a path to career clarity. As a bonus, get a sneak peek into her personal journey and the pivots she made while forging her own career.

If you've ever thought that making a collage was just child's play, prepare to have your mind blown. Our conversation with Hayley unlocks the surprising power of creative exercises in professional development, proving that even the most analytical minds can benefit from a splash of creativity. Discover how a simple collage can lay bare your deepest career desires and help you rekindle job satisfaction. Plus, we're sharing how these methods have sparked radical changes for clients, like the local government worker who transformed into a social media maven.

Remember, whether you're taking your first steps or are mid-journey, the path to a career that resonates with your deepest aspirations is within reach.

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