Choose Your Friends Wisely

Teen Catalyst

Mar 16 2022 • 3 mins

#7 in our '101 Keys to Winning at Life' series.

Today's key comes from Alan Bechard:

Having good friends and associating with good people is a crucial part of a successful and happy life. You need to pick friends and strive to be with people that are honest and true while they are successful at the things that are important to you in life. As you go through life, seek out those that are accomplishing what you desire, those that you wish to emulate, those people that are working along a similar path that you are striving to go down. If you surround yourself with people who's values do not align with your own, you will find yourself going astray from your values. We all slowly adapt and adjust to the people that we surround ourselves with. You can make the conscious choice to choose those that you surround yourself with and associate with, make sure that you are making wise choices. In conclusion, the people that you surround yourself with are both a reflection of who you are, as well as an indication of your path forward and who you will become. It is important to choose those people wisely as you go through life.