Key #5: Fulfilling Your Purpose

Teen Catalyst

Sep 29 2021 • 5 mins

This is episode 5 in my miniseries of the 5 keys of an impactful and resilient life, and today we're talking about key #5, Fulfilling Your Purpose. So many people struggle with not knowing what their purpose is in life, but the truth is that finding your purpose really isn't that hard. Finding your purpose is actually very simple, but it does take some work. I hope you enjoyed this miniseries on the 5 keys of an impactful life. You can find the links to listen to the other 4 episodes in this miniseries below: Key #1, Controlling Your Inputs: https://www.podcast.teencatalyst.com/episode/key-1-control-your-inputs (https://www.podcast.teencatalyst.com/episode/key-1-control-your-inputs) Key #2, Focusing on What Matters: https://www.podcast.teencatalyst.com/episode/key-2-focus-on-what-matters (https://www.podcast.teencatalyst.com/episode/key-2-focus-on-what-matters) Key #3, Quality Relationships: https://www.podcast.teencatalyst.com/episode/key-3-quality-relationships (https://www.podcast.teencatalyst.com/episode/key-3-quality-relationships) Key #4, Personal Finance Management: https://www.podcast.teencatalyst.com/episode/key-4-personal-finance-management (https://www.podcast.teencatalyst.com/episode/key-4-personal-finance-management) Email me at coach@teencatalyst.com or ken@teencatalyst.com and let me know what your purpose is, or what it is that you're interested in and maybe skilled at, but haven't yet figured out how to serve others with that yet. I'd love to have a conversation with you to help you to figure out how to serve others with your passions, interests, and skills.