Navigating Risks and Success in Real Estate: Lessons Learned from a Lawsuit with Joe DiSanto

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Sep 5 2023 • 38 mins

Joe DeSanto is a fractional CFO who specializes in providing part-time CFO services to businesses. He has a background in owning larger businesses in the production and post-production space in Los Angeles. Joe and his wife decided to make a change in their lives after having a child, and they moved to Florida. With their savings from real estate investing and other market investments, Joe was able to work part-time and supplement their passive income. His financial independence and early retirement mindset led him to consider himself semi-retired. However, his expertise in finance and managing businesses led to his former partners asking him to continue handling their finances as a consultant. This led to other business owners reaching out to Joe, realizing the need for a part-time CFO who could provide the same level of expertise at a more affordable cost. Joe enjoys working with his clients and helping them understand the importance of running their personal finances like a business. He started a blog to communicate his knowledge to individuals who may not be able to afford a CFO but still want guidance in managing their finances. Through his blog, Joe offers free information and courses, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. His goal is to help individuals gain good planning skills for their own future at a reasonable cost. Overall, Joe's focus is on helping businesses and individuals achieve financial success and improve their overall financial well-being.

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Key Topics & Bullets:

Primary Topic 1: Real Estate Investment and Risk

  • Almost making a real estate investment in Nashville for short-term rentals
  • Property was subject to a lawsuit due to owner renting without a license
  • Canceling the contract and getting money back
  • Lesson learned: Avoid risky or uncertain ventures
  • Importance of compound annual growth in real estate investments

Primary Topic 2: Taking Control of Financial Planning

  • Taking control instead of relying solely on the financial industry
  • Personal investment strategy: diversifying portfolio between real estate, syndications, cryptocurrency, and stock market
  • Adjusting asset allocation based on market conditions and personal circumstances
  • Exploring other investment products like life insurance
  • Creating a new asset allocation plan
  • Importance of educating clients about different investment options and savings

Primary Topic 3: Financial Support and Advising

  • The speaker's role as a financial therapist
  • Assisting with money management and avoiding mistakes
  • Helping businesses with employee management
  • Assisting clients with organization and identifying areas of improvement
  • Advising clients to raise their prices, resulting in positive outcomes
  • Acting as a fractional CFO

Primary Topic 4: Financial Services for Businesses

  • Speaker's background in owning businesses in production and post-production space
  • Transition to offering financial services as a consultant and part-time CFO
  • Passion for finance and running personal finances like a business
  • Offering coaching and courses on financial planning
  • Mission to help individuals manage their personal finances like a business and achieve financial independence

Primary Topic 5: Analyzing Real Estate Investments

  • Importance of analyzing the financials of real estate investments
  • Factors to consider: cash flow, appreciation, CapEx, and tax implications
  • The current market is not favorable
  • The significance of