Enhancing Rental Investments: A Unique Model of ROI and Resident Incentives with Daniel Dorfman

Real Estate Investing with the REI Mastermind Network

Sep 14 2023 • 29 mins

Daniel Dorfman is the visionary behind Roots, a real estate fund designed to provide affordable access to great return properties. He recognized the need for a win-win situation where residents could feel invested in the homes they live in, while also ensuring cash flow for investors. Dorfman observed that traditional security deposits often discouraged tenants from caring for the property, leading to a decline in quality. To address this issue, he created a unique model where tenants become partners in the investment from day one, acquiring a percentage ownership stake in the building and portfolio. Additionally, through the Living in Lake Yona program, tenants have the opportunity to earn rental rebates by responsibly maintaining the property and being good neighbors. Dorfman's innovative approach has not only transformed the tenant-landlord relationship but also yielded impressive results, with higher rent payment rates and improved asset quality. While challenges and resistance are expected, the Roots model is designed to incentivize participation and foster a partnership mentality among residents.

Connect with Daniel Dorfman: https://www.investwithroots.com/



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